BACE Mitali Training Center, Dinajpur

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BACE Mitali Training Centre (BMTC) established in 1999 belongs to BACE (Bangladesh Association for Community Education) with financial assistance from Bridge of light and Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) Germany.

The Project has 3 components namely:

  • Training centre
  • Demonstration Farm

The Project has been providing life oriented education and skill development training to school dropout youths both male and female and rural poor in the nature of long and short course training since 2000.

Training Center:

The training center has been operating as a self reliance effort of the BACE Mitali Training Center with Demonstration Farm Project since January 2003 hosting a number of internal and external training course, workshops and seminars.

Apart from renting out the facilities the BMTC also provides services in relation to:

  • Need Based Skill Development Training
  • Nursery saplings
  • Fish cultivation
  • Cow Fattening
  • Broiler chicken and Layer chicken for Eggs
  • Fruits (seasonal)

Available Facilities:
The BMTC includes accommodation for a total of 30-32 persons, a Guest house for 5 persons, one conference/ Training rooms, one Auditorium, Dining and kitchen. Details are given below:

Type of room



Rent per day tk.

One Conference Room (Non A/C) 21′x 16′ 25-30 1500
Dormitory (7 room with toilets and six bath) 2915 sft 30 200 per day per person
Guest house (2 double bedded rooms with attached bath) 500 sft 4 person 300 per day per person
Guest house (1 single bedded room with attached bath) 200 sft 1 person 400 per day
Auditorium 1994 sft 150 2500 per day
Dining room (who use only for launch/dinner purpose) 1360 sft 50  1200

Food and beverage:
Breakfast including tea, lunch, dinner plus two light snacks tea/per person per day Tk. 350-600 (according to choose of the menu. Please contact with Principal for menu )

Special diet may be arranged on request.

Participants/ facilitators/ Guests can enjoy TV, Daily news paper and badminton. The Auditorium and open space is frequently used for cultural function/ informal interaction.

Other facilities:
Open stage, Sales center, Community center for marriage occasion.

The following equipment is available for renting

Type of Equipment Charge in Tk. Per day
Multimedia with screen 700
Cordless Amplifier with 2 microphone 300
P.A. System (mike) 200
Computer service Rate negotiable

The Training centre is well secured and the main gate is under lock and key at night. Three security guards have been deployed for the purpose. Sufficient security light and a stand–by heavy–duty Power Generator has been installed.

The BACE Mitali Training Centre is located in a calm and quiet beautiful place besides Dinajpur-Thakurgaon Road. It is adjacent to ancient Kantajir Mondir (Temple of Kantaji)


Mr. Zulfikar Ali

Principal, Cell # 01716-718048