Bridge of Light, Germany

BACE has been implementing with the financial assistance of Bridge of Light (Germany) a number of model integrated development projects at Kaharole and Birgonj Upazila of Dinajpur district since 1994 and at Akkelpur Upazila of Joypurhat district since 2010 aiming at formal, non-formal education for children and adults, formation of self-helf groups and provide small credit support to the poor and landless people for undertaking income generating activities aiming at improvement of their economic condition.

1. BACE Mitali Training Centre with Demonstration Farm Project (BMTC)
To address the educational and skill development needs of the youth un-employed boys and girls, so that they can conduct their own income generating activities and improve their life condition BACE established a Training Center at Birgonj Upazila of Dinajpur district.

The vocational trades available are:
Sewing and embroidery, boutique and tie dye, repair of diesel engine, motor cycle, bamboo, cane and straw card making, electrical works, carpentry, cow fattening, duckery and poultry, nursery and vegetable cultivation etc.

2. Integrated Village Development Project (IVD)
The main focus of the project is to provide Early Child hood development, health and sanitation awareness, micro-credit and IGA training for the beneficiaries.

3. Mitali Development Project (MDP)
To strengthen primary education and motivate the unschooled children mainly from disadvantaged families of Kaharole and Birgonj Upazila of Dinajpur District, BACE initiated BACE Mitali Development Project covering 50 pre-primary schools and small credit support for poor parents.

4. Human Resource Development Project (HRDP)
To improve economic development the project established a demonstration farm where the beneficiaries received hand to hand training in agriculture, fisheries and livestock. At the same time micro-credit has also been provided to the beneficiaries to utilize their learning. The project has also running education for the children.

5. Family Development Project

  • Main activities of the project are:
  • Skill training for the youth
  • Micro-credit
  • Sanitation
  • IGA training for the beneficiaries.

6. Non-formal Education & Small Credit Program (NFESCP)
The project has established a good number of basic education centers (Preparatory schools for children of 5-10 years) aiming to provide formal education through non-formal approach for children, non-formal education for the adults and small Credit program for the poor and landless people. The main objective of the project is to enroll all boys and girls particularly of poorer section of the project area aged 5 + year in pre-primary schools and retain them for one year and mainstreaming them to nearest Govt. / Non-Govt. primary schools in class I.