Legal Status

BACE is registered as voluntary association with the Registrar of Joint Stock Companies in 1978 (Registration No. S-606/22 of 1977-1978). It is also registered with the Social Welfare Department (Regd. No. S.S.A.D/FD-0002 of 27.2.90) and Dha-08726 on 22nd March 2010.

BACE was recognized by the Ministry of Education and received Tax-exempt status (National Board of Revenue No. S.R.0.9 (80)/TIV/78/101).

BACE has been permitted to accept foreign donations under the Foreign Donation (Voluntary Activities) Ordinance 1978, (Social Welfare Department Registration No. DSW/FDO/R089 of 22.4.81) and NGO Affairs Bureau of GOB (Registration No. 089, 1990).

BACE has also received certificate to implement micro-finance from Micro-credit Regulatory Authority, Dhaka. (No. 00291-02364-00560 dated 17/04/2011)